Personalizing your own gear

Personalizing your own gear is one of the many advantages of laser engraving.cellphone1 Whether it be water bottles or wallets, keychains or coffee cups; the choices are almost endless.

Because of this huge variety of items available for personalization, it is virtually impossible for LightCutters to have local inventory available for all things. As a solution,  one of our suppliers has provided a link (below) for you to browse a ton of cool choices of items you can customize for yourself or as a special gift for someone… LTM075a spouse or significant other, a co-worker or boss, or a relative or sibling. The choices are boundless only limited by your imagination.Take some time to look at all the choices and when you see something that interests you, copy the item number and contact LightCutters using this easy contact page and LightCutters will contact you to work out the details.GFT1127Being that items from this page are special ordered shipping will be added to the price,  however if there are shipping deals, or discounts being applied; LightCutters will always pass that on to the customer! We will always quote you the exact shipping charge up front so there are no surprises.So Click the link below and do a little shopping..  see how many times you say to yourself “That is Sooo Cool!” 

LightCutters Premier Personalized Gifts

Why the hype about laser etching?

Why the hype about laser etching is a question a lot of folks have run by me lately.

I guess when I think about it, is not really about laser etching specifically that makes it interesting… it is the technology and versatility behind the laser itself that lends to excitement. laser-beam-2004212321-1552685315144.jpgIt is a technology that not everybody has access to and those that do are pretty much in a static location. Laser Machines don’t have the benefit of being mobile to expose a ton of people to what a laser is capable of. So when most people think of lasers or laser products, it is kind of like going to a side-show and seeing an oddity. The uniqueness is what makes it interesting.

What drew me to the laser business in the beginning was the idea of being able to create unique and personalized items. For example, Anyone can go to Target or Shopko or one of the trendy shops in the mall and pick out an item because it was cute, good-looking and affordable. But, when you go to the park later that day and notice 3 other people with the same thing you have, it becomes not quite as special, not quite as attractive and definitely not quite as unique.

A laser can make your item special, unique and personalized to you.So when you do go to the park wearing those laser etched earrings, or carrying that laser etched water bottle you will know that no one else has anything like it. blue-glass.jpgAnd, furthermore, if it was designed by you, you have a piece of your imagination and personality expressed in a way that no one else can duplicate!

A laser can make cool things cooler! There are a lot of really cool things in the world… from electronic gadgets, jewelry, artwork, clothing, firearm and to drinkware, vases and furniture. All, a lot of the time, very attractive in their own right. But to add a laser etched logo, someone’s initials or name, a photograph or special symbol can step of the coolness gauge a level and create a truly one of kind piece.

Here is the Hype
So the next time someone asks me why the hype about laser etching, I guess my response will be: It provides a conduit to allow me to be me, help others be themselves, in a very personal, creative and unique way. The end result is very satisfying .

knife.jpgEven though LightCutters sells premade items in their shop, perhaps for you all the greatest contribution we can make is to transform your design, inspired by your imagination into personal treasured possessions.

Native American Indian Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry items… specifically earrings have just been introduced into the LightCutter’s Online Store.

The idea was inspired during a search for SVG and Vector designs that would pair good with  laser etching. native american symbols

While searching for new ideas we came across a picture of 12 different  Native American Indian Symbols representing different traits in tribal culture. These include: Strength, Adaptability, Energy, Freedom and Emancipation, Supremacy of God, Harmony, Intelligence, Power of Love, Peace, Transformation, Unity in Diversity and Universe.  We used all these as etchings on mahogany stud earrings.

If you do a Search on the word “Native” in the LightCutter’s Store you will come up with all of the designs. Here is a LINK to that search.  Take some time and take a look at those earrings and tell me what you all think.  We do take our friends, patrons, customers ideas seriously into mind when we create items we sell and really appreciate input!

Jewelry items Online

Kokopelli Studs

Laser Etched Jewelry items online at LightCutters!

Finally we have been able to find the time to get some jewelry items up in the store!  20 some earrings are listed… both dangling and studs… both painted and natural.  Take a few minutes and take a look. We also welcome (encourage) your input on jewelry design.

mandala2 1
Heart Mandala

As a side note,  soon there will be a huge introduction of Laser etched signs for the home.  Stay tuned..

Again,  thank you for sharing, following, comment and being so loyal!! We appreciate all of you more than you know!!

LightCutter’s Jewelry Shop soon!

We have been working on several projects at LightCutters trying different laser applications.  There are so many exciting things to do with a laser that focusing on a single part of the business at this time is difficult.

About the time you think you have honed in on a niche, something or someone sticks a new idea in front of you and like an ADHD puppy, we are off exploring new facet of what lasers are capable of.

We have been watching videos lately about the laser aided jewelry manufacturing process and it is really interesting and opens a whole new door to the creative process..  jewelry (3)So I am happy to say that soon (umm how soon, maybe a week or two?) we will have a new section in the Online Store for jewelry.   We will also be posting on our Facebook Page announcements along with pictures of items in the Jewelry Store.

There will also be a sort of “Grand Opening” that people who subscribe to our newsletter will get special discounts, early bird opportunities and access to items not offered in the shop.  If you are not already subscribed, you can do it HERE.

Thanks again for staying in touch!  We look forward to sharing our Laser made designs with you and appreciate all you have to offer back in ideas, criticisms and feedback!

Laser etched wine glasses (Montana ones too!)

One of the neatest things that a good quality laser can do is etch drinkware. 

LightCutters takes this ability and turns it into an art.  LightCutters design team along with the production shop are continually putting out great designs for people to enjoy and use.

skimt1This Ski Montana Stemless wine glass for example has gotten great reviews from the tons of people who are using it today.

LightCutters has several designs that people would enjoy or what is even more exciting to the folks with big imaginations, is the LightCutters offers up YOUR DESIGN almost any wine glass, tumbler, beer glass, pint or water bottle.  The possibilities are endless.  Take a look at all the neat designs we offer in our Store and if you have any ideas that you would like to turn into reality, be sure to contact us to discuss the possibilities!val3

Cool things to do with a laser – LightCutters offers custom laser design

Of all the cool things to do with a laser, the one thing that stands out is the ability to design and implement a personalized, customer inspired piece.Live Free or Die

From wedding pictures, to corporate signage LightCutters has successfully done it all. We have put photograph images on wood, leather, acrylic and granite tiles.. all looking amazing and all inspired with a personal touch.  All these designs completed with the customer wishes in mind and at a very affordable price.

LightCutters will provide a free quote or happily discuss your ideas. Contact us here.vintage

LightCutter's Shop is packed with cool and interesting items. Take a look! Dismiss