Commercial Signage

Laser Commercial signage is one of the many services offered by LightCutters.

Sharp Commercial Signage

Laser etching is best suited for commercial custom signs because of the wide versatility that a laser offers along with the broad range of materials all applicable on a multitude of commercial signage items.  Some of these include:

  • Door Plaques
  • Directional Signs
  • Desk Signs
  • Name Tags
  • Specialty Tags

There are several varieties and several materials that can be used to create a one-of-a-kind branded signage for any companies commercial needs.


The most common materials used for signage are acrylic, metal, and wood. Each offers individual personalities or “looks” that would best define the brand of the company. You can make your high-tech company look more high-tech with acrylic signage… as well as your rustic feel business feel more rustic all depending on the style and material of your signage.

A wood business card hold is more suited toward more rustic businesses where acrylic defines the genre of high tech or progressive.  Metal signage you would find in a more industrial setting.

Directional Signs

Almost every business needs directional signs.  From restroom signs and exit signs to signs that point to safety equipment, stairs, elevators or specific locations – they are everywhere.  It’s easy to just go to a big box store or office supply and buy them off the shelf one-size-fits-all sign, but wouldn’t it be nicer and more personalized if you had unique and creative signage in your business that set you apart from the average Joe?  An added attraction to this is that it close to the same cost as buying the boring signs and often times less expensive!

Name Tags

Employee name tags can be a great way to not only display your brand but to introduce your employees to the customer. Often times we find it difficult to remember the name of that employee who served you your food or provided stellar service at a time when you really needed some help.  Likewise, when you wanted to report an employee for poor or inappropriate service when their actions were an ugly representation of the company.  When a person wears a great, unique name tag that catches the eye, their name will stick out and be remembered long after the encounter is over.  Associating a name with a special attractive, unique tag creates a bond in memory that is not easily erased.

Specialty Items

LightCutters also has the capability to manufacture specialty tags.  Such as those you would find needed as warnings, identifiers or disclosures.  These tags can include serial numbers, warnings, directions or manufacturer information.  Most often they are etched into metal for durability and long life.  Also becoming more common for manufacturers of specific specialized parts is the practice of serializing those parts to ensure that consumers are getting an actual OEM product rather than a “knock-off”

So whether it be a large company or small, hundreds of employees to a small few people operation,  LightCutters can provide great solutions to providing signage for your company and your employees.  LightCutters does quality work, providing it quickly and all at a fair price.  Please contact us for a quote or to discuss your ideas.

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