Cool things to do with a laser

Live Free or Die
Flag Art on Rock Maple

Of all the cool things to do with a laser, the one thing that stands out is the ability to design and implement a personalized, customer inspired piece.

From wedding pictures, to corporate signage,  LightCutters has successfully done it all. We have put photograph images on wood, leather, acrylic and granite tiles.. all looking amazing and all inspired with a personal touch.  All these designs completed with the customer wishes in mind and at a very affordable price.

Personalized Insulated Wine Glasses

Another great diverse use of a laser is the ability to engrave portable drinkware… like water bottles, wine glasses and growlers. LightCutters provides a ton (like a zillion things!) of options for you to customize or personalize to your own design and taste. Browse our Gift Catalog for items or ideas.. Guaranteed to keep you busy for hours!!

You can also,  get your own drinkware and have it shipped directly to LightCutters and we will personalize it with your logo or design and send it straight to your door.  Here is the Amazon Link to the Yeti Rambler 30oz and the Hydro Flask 24oz Sports Bottle. Both of these and many other choices offer a ton of select colors and sizes.  They can be easily personalized and quickly sent to you.

LightCutters will provide a free quote or happily discuss your ideas and offer suggestion on how to create personalized items that will have special meaning for years to come. Contact us here for more information, question, quotes or ideas that need to be discussed.vintage

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