Custom Laser Etched Sign for IOOF

As with this Custom Laser Etched Sign – LightCutters offers corporate signage and gifts designed and made to the customers  liking!

Thanks Larry McGraw for letting us honor Missoula IOOF Covenant Lodge #6 with a new sign!  We sure hope you all like it!   This particular custom laser etched sign was made of Ponderosa Pine resawn skins.  The size is 24″ X 18″.  

If you are interested in how much something like this costs to make, take a look at this page. Simple Engraving on Wood to get an idea on how the pricing works.  I think most people would be pleasantly surprised how little it cost to customize or personalize items.

LightCutters has made hundreds of custom laser etched signs for both personal and commercial applications.  The largest sign that we can make is 24″ X 18″ on a single piece of wood, however our laser software is capable of putting multiple pieces together, like a big jigsaw puzzle, to be able to create wall size pieces easily.  The only limit is your imagination. 

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