LightCutter’s Jewelry Shop soon!

We have been working on several projects at LightCutters trying different laser applications.  There are so many exciting things to do with a laser that focusing on a single part of the business at this time is difficult.

About the time you think you have honed in on a niche, something or someone sticks a new idea in front of you and like an ADHD puppy, we are off exploring new facet of what lasers are capable of.

We have been watching videos lately about the laser aided jewelry manufacturing process and it is really interesting and opens a whole new door to the creative process..  jewelry (3)So I am happy to say that soon (umm how soon, maybe a week or two?) we will have a new section in the Online Store for jewelry.   We will also be posting on our Facebook Page announcements along with pictures of items in the Jewelry Store.

There will also be a sort of “Grand Opening” that people who subscribe to our newsletter will get special discounts, early bird opportunities and access to items not offered in the shop.  If you are not already subscribed, you can do it HERE.

Thanks again for staying in touch!  We look forward to sharing our Laser made designs with you and appreciate all you have to offer back in ideas, criticisms and feedback!

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