Native American Indian Jewelry

Native American Indian Jewelry items… specifically earrings have just been introduced into the LightCutter’s Online Store.

The idea of Native American Indian Jewelry was inspired during a search for SVG and Vector designs that would pair well with laser etching. native american symbols

While searching for new ideas we came across a picture of 12 different  Native American Indian Symbols representing different traits in tribal culture. These include Strength, Adaptability, Energy, Freedom and Emancipation, Supremacy of God, Harmony, Intelligence, Power of Love, Peace, Transformation, Unity in Diversity and Universe.  We used all these as etchings on mahogany stud earrings.

If you do a Search on the word “Native” in the LightCutter’s Store you will come up with all of the designs. Here is a LINK to that search.  Take some time and take a look at those earrings and tell me what you all think.  We do take our friends, patrons, customers’ ideas seriously into mind when we create items we sell and really appreciate the input!



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