Hoop Earring – Set of Three – Mahogany Hoop dangle earring


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This Three Pack of Mahogany Hoop dangle earrings includes the following sizes:

two hoops at 33 mm (1.30")
two hoops at 38 mm (1.50")
two hoops at 43 mm (1.70")

These earrings are made from .125 Mahogany and are double dipped in polyurethane to promotes durability and creates a glossy finish. The dangles and jump rings are bronze. They also include an additional silicone barrel to made sure it stay on during active times. NOTE: These earrings are incredibly lightweight.. no ear fatigue here!

This shop normal sells these earrings alone for $8.00 a pair. For a short time, until we deplete stock from an outside order that was canceled, we are clearing these out as 3-packs for only $16.00.
Take advantage of this great price today, before they are all gone!

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