Medium Pet Urn – Mahogany


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Medium Pet Urn

This medium red mahogany pet urn is handcrafted to store the ashes of a beloved medium size pet up to 50 lbs prior to cremation.

The craftsmanship of the finger joints and the durable gloss finish make for a elegant small box designed to sit in an honored place on a shelf, mantle or sill.  The bottom of the urn is laminated with cork to prevent scuffing as well helping the urn to sit firmly with out the fear of sliding or slipping.

The urns dimensions are:

  • Exterior:  5.33″ X 3.34″ X 5.33″
  • Interior: 5.04″ X 3.06″ X 3.06″

The box will arrive to you sealed except for the bottom piece that is laminated with the cork.  After inserting the remains,  we recommend to be bagged or in a small tin, glue all of the fingers, being careful not to over-apply,  with superglue and place the bottom piece.. cork side out,  onto the box and allow 30 minutes for the glue to cure.  At this time, place the urn, cork side down, in its chosen spot.

Custom Laser Etching

Custom Laser etching is available to add at checkout, your pet’s name, a meaningful phase or dates…  on up to all 5 exposed side. (see below)



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