Simple Engraving on Wood


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A simple engraving on wood is one of the most common items produced by LightCutters.

This would include items such as door, yard and address signs, desk name plates, custom plaques, art signs, cutting boards, photos on wood, logos or symbols on wood, etc to name a few..

How we determine your cost is based upon four separate factors:

  • Material
    If LightCutters provides the material we will charge you for the cost of the material. We will provide you will material selection advise free of charge if you wish to provide your own material.  In most cases it is best that you have LightCutters choose the material for you to ensure the best results. (unless you have a specific material or piece in mind that you would like engraved)
  • Setup and design time
    LightCutters charges $15/per 15 minutes of setup time with the first 15 minutes free. Most simple engravings can be designed and setup within the first 15 minutes.  There are some more complex projects that take more time to setup. (i.e. photographs, mosaics, full wall designs, multi depth art work to name a few.) You will be advised up front as to an estimate of the cost of design time, if any.
  • Laser time
    Laser time is based upon the the exact time a simple engraving on wood is in the laser being produced. This cost is $1.67/minute.  How this correlates to the size of the engraving would be approximately $0.39 / square inch of actual engraving.  There are factors that will make an engraving take longer or shorter in time.  The hardness of the wood, the complexity of the design and the size will impact the final expense  We will give you a best estimate on cost prior to any work being approved and completed.
  • Packaging and Shipping
    Custom engraved products that can not be delivered locally will incur a shipping cost. LightCutters ALWAYS charge the exact cost of shipping when doing a custom project.  We can estimate the cost for you, but we guarantee that you will only pay for the expense incurred in shipping.

Contact us to Move Forward
The best way for you to move forward with a simple engraving on wood project is to contact us using our contact page. Here you can either use the simple contact form to send us a message to get the ball rolling, information on that page will also provide you with the ability to email/call either Tanner or John directly to discuss in detail exactly what you had in mind for your engraving.

Either way we will work out with you exactly what you want and provide you with a quote and time frame for completion so that you are left feeling confident that you will get what you want, for the price you can afford when exactly you will need it.


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